That +=1=+ Day!

by on Mar.15, 2014, under Colorado, Ride Reports

One (1) as in one gear and no suspension.

Work kept me in Southern California over the weekend, so it was time to take out the “remote office” bike.  I stare at it every I come here.  I curse it.  Why do you abuse me?  Why do you make me struggle?  Why do you make me so tired after riding you?  Why do you bruise my arms, back, and legs?

My destination was the San Juan Trail.  A steep, switchbacked, rutted, loose, and HOT trail.  I’m drawn to this place at least a few times a year, usually when I am in better shape and without all the Winter weight.

I arrived to a packed parking lot and the Ranger writing his tickets, as usual.  My adventure pass expired back in September, so I just let him know right from the start.  He pleasantly handed me the $5 ticket.  I don’t mind paying $5 for a day of fun.

I always run into people I have heard about or know.  Nothing different this time.  I over hear a conversation about a RV and a simulator.  I say, I know you!  The one and only FoldsInHalf.  I have studied this guys blogs for quite some time.  The ability to have a big old RV, my bike, and Internet to do work while traveling the Country has some appeal.  We exchange pleasantries and he heads up the hill with his friend.  I follow shortly after.  A gruelingly slow climb, but I make it to Table Top Rock.  Wasted and spent, I turn around and descend.  It’s a rough trail with suspension, it’s painful without suspension.

Back at the car, I realize the answers to my questions.







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