It’s Weed, Man!

by on Feb.17, 2014, under Colorado, Ride Reports

My buddy Tim convinced me to go down to Pueblo for the day.  With muddy trails up north, the desert would provide the best environment for maximum fun.  I was hesitant at first, but that’s what days off are for.  Nothing beats an entire day of fun.

The lot was pretty empty as we arrived at Lake Pueblo State Park, but the sun was shining and we headed off.



As usual we’d start with the more technical canyon riding.  This proved to be a huge challenge.



Ok, so the trail conditions website mentioned something about the tumbleweeds still being a problem.  We chugged through a small section to get to the first canyon and some rocks.


But then, all hell broke loose as we tried to ride another canyon.  I have been through a lot on my mountain bike.  Snow, sleet, rain, ice, lightening, mud, a flooded river, but nothing ever prepared me for this.


Tumbleweeds as high as four feet filled the canyons.  It was like nature said, lets just dust the crap into the holes.


And that stuff hurt bad when you walk through it.  Thankfully, the other side of the reservoir easily made up for  impassable canyons.




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