Icy Chill

by on Jan.12, 2014, under Colorado, Ride Reports

The are only 365 days in the year (Yes, I know leap year gives you an extra) and you don’t get to ride everyone of them.  I try and ride as many as possible.  Sometimes, I have to muddle through the procrastination of a cold and windy morning.  I’ve always ridden in Winter, even before fat bikes.  It’s just something you have to do, if you want to maximize your ride time.  This morning was no exception.

As usual, my procrastination the night before would have me start later than most would like.  With the Donkeys playing, most wanted to get home in time to watch the pre-game festivities.  I could really care less, since my team is not in the running.

Off to Buffalo Creek!  I knew conditions would be less than stellar as I hit the parking lot in the middle of a snow squall.  It ended and things evened out nicely.


It was a little challenging picking a route.  At first I was going to do Shinglemill to the CT and then down Kitty, but this would change as I started climbing Shinglemill.





It was pretty much like that half the way up.  Ride a little, slip a little, try and walk a little.  It beat me down pretty good and thinking that Kitty faced east, I re-thought my route.  An early sun and instant freeze by late morning, did not equal fun.

I kept climbing taking in the views.



Things started to get a little better at the top.


I wasn’t convinced.  Given the amount of traffic before me on the trail (though, I only ran into two people all ride), I figured the Colorado Trail would be an icy  disaster given the warm temps yesterday and all of the shade. I hate to say it, but I think all these big tires are actually creating more ice.

I decided to shorten things up and head down Morrison Creek.  Seems like only one other had done that since the last snow, which made for some interesting crusty ruts.


Even with the rut, the trail was in beautiful shape and ended up putting a big smile on my face. Well, except for the normal icy patch on 543, which I knew would be waiting for me.  You’d think by now, I would hike up the woods and go around it.  Nope.  Pedal, pedal, BOOM.  Flat on my back and then I had to crawl with the bike to get off the ice.  Still, a good day.




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