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What did we learn? (A Utah experience)

by on Sep.25, 2013, under Colorado, Ride Reports

My recent mountain bike vacation to Hurricane, Utah provided some incredible experiences.  Yes, I have been there before, but this time it was different.  It was a lesson of sorts.  The main take-away as we heard one evening was that “life is one big sh!t show, but a damn good sh!t show”.

This was a gathering of friends from all over and some who never knew each other before the first day.  But, you know what?  Within thirty seconds, you know these are good people.  I met some of them years ago just tooling around on the Internet, before the Web became the go to place.  I was just looking for people who shared the same passion that had gripped me.  There was a small community of mountain bikers then, eager to share how much they enjoyed riding on dirt.  Awesome friends who still share the same passion.  I introduced one of my local friends this year and here is what we learned.

We learned that 8.5 hours to a ride destination is a long drive until you get there.  Then it doesn’t seem half bad.

We learned that Yelp is pretty damn accurate when it comes to fooderies.  You shouldn’t give the benefit of the doubt.

We learned that getting a group of eight to the trailhead before 11:00 AM is nearly impossible.


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