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He did! He did!

by on Jul.21, 2013, under Colorado, Ride Reports

Once there was this guy who wanted to have a great day. Sure, there were plenty of good days, but great days were few and far between. He was determined to make things happen, and the evening before he thought hard about what could possibly make a great day. Being passionate about mountain biking, he knew that the great day had to include that. So, he set out to find a trail that would bring the great day upon him.

With his decision made, he invited several people to join him on this auspicious endeavor. Sadly, he was not taken up on his offer, but he was determined not to let that sway him from the task at hand.

The morning arrived with little fanfare other than a crystal blue sky and the daunting task at hand. He quickly loaded up his necessities, chose a rather lightly geared stead, and headed out to higher elevations to achieve his goal.

Sipping on a grape soda and eating some rather fresh Oreo cookies on the way, he had an epiphany. Since his first choice of trail was a lesser traveled trail, what would happen if he was stuck by himself? How would anyone know if he had a great day, if he never came back? Who would help him keep a steady pace? Was it really worth the extra fifteen minute drive for a shorter out and back course?

With that in mind, he changed his destination and arrived at the Kenosha Pass trailhead. After all, it’s only a great ride if other people see you having a great time, he thought to himself.

Saddled up, he began the long arduous climb to above tree line. His ride started out in relative solitude, as he left a small group of people who were preparing in the parking area. It was just him and the trail.

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Mighty Fine Trail

by on Jul.14, 2013, under Colorado, Ride Reports

A long weekend of riding and trail building was ahead. I haven’t taken time off of work in a while, so I was do.  I’ve got lots of vacation days, just never enough time to use them.

With the camper loaded it, it was off to Buffalo Creek.


I managed to get a few good rides in spite of the weather.  The old saying of “it’s Colorado,  wait ten minutes and the weather will change.”, did not work this weekend.  It was rainy!  It had been rainy for a few days.  However, I did fine some intermittent sunshine just long enough for a pedal.


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CT One!

by on Jul.07, 2013, under Colorado, Ride Reports

After our email banter the previous evening, we decided a little Colorado Trail action was in order.  Section 1 is no slouch.  Even as an out and back, there’s a pretty long climb involved.

The air was pretty still as we made our way up Waterton Canyon to the trailhead.  Even with the parking lot nearly full, there weren’t many on the trail.

The climb up to Lenny’s rest was hot and humid.  Well, humid for Colorado.


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